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Surya's GoTo Places

Just the reviews of the places your boy has visited in the past few days. 

LSH Dinner
LSH Dinner

Located at Maredpally, this place has the enough potential to kill an entire evening. Go order Shawarma Rice- as bad as it sounds, trust me its to die for. It has got a seperate private lounge, go book that area and grab on that PS5 with Fifa.

AMR Planet

This place is like my 2nd home, mostly because it is near to my location. My second favourite go-to theatre after Sai Ram Theatre becuase of the dolby speaker set up. Also, if you haven't tried Sai Ram Theatre, what are you doing with your life?

AMR Planet
10 Downing Street - Sainikpuri

For all my solo boys out there, they allow stag entry. The DJ here is uncompared. The mixing of songs is done so perfectly, you wouldn't wanna leave this place.

Varalakshmi Tiffins

Located at DLF, Gachibowli. ekkada chicken keema dosa thinte mental aithav, mental.

ABS _ Absolute Barbecues

More variety of food to binge to. They got this student offer where you can avail the dining at 650 bucks, The go to place if you ever want to eat big. Pro Tip - do not take your skinny friend who would be full with a slice of bread.

Located at Sainikpuri, This place serves the best main course dishes of all the restaurants I have tried at Sainikpuri. The food, ambience, its perfect. PS - No italian food.

Eatalia Dhaba - Sainikpuri

Before you judge me further, I have just made this website, I'll come back to disclose some more places.

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